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Part of the 32nd Panzer Division. The 14th Battalion is one of the fiercest and most devout panzergrenadier formations in the German Wehrmacht. Living up to it's name of "Trajan's Finest". The battalion consists of 5 main elements; 1st Kompanie (Infantry), 2nd Kompanie (Armour), 3rd Kompanie (Support), 4th Abteilung (Armoured Recon) and the Battalion Command. All these formations work together in unison to achieve greatness in battle and honour for its ancestry.

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Updated as of 09 November 2020

Open Positions

Infanterie NCO

Our sections require dedicated and competent leaders to fill in the positions of our NCO's. NCO's are members in positions of responsibility, usually responsible for the wellbeing of a group of soldiers, the administration of those soldiers and tactical decision making in combat.

Panzer Operators

Our armoured assets require skilled operators, these range from Commanders, Gunners and Drivers. After going through the basics of training, you can opt in to be selected for the armoured unit and be part of the best.


Bog standard members of a platoon. These members fill in a variety of roles, ranging from: Point-Man, Machinegunner, Machinegunner Assistant, Grenadier, Team Medic and standard Rifleman. Specialised roles could be Radioman or Platoon support member.


We as a community are always looking for new friends in the gaming community. If you are a representative of another community, do not hesitate to contact us and partner up!

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B. Arkin Gefreiter, 3IC, K1-Z1-G1


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A. Hughes Oberleutnant, Kompanief├╝hrer, K1B